Phuket Elephant Trekking can be a memorable experience not to be missed during
your stay in Phuket and Phang Nga, especially for children. There are various elephant
camps around Phuket and Phang Nga, that provide an opportunity to ride an elephant
along a trail through jungle and rubber plantations and that is close to nature, an exciting,
enjoyable and unforgettable time.

Phuket Elephant Trekking tours only last for about 30 minutes to one hour, and a lot of
the elephant treks could be included with white water rafting, an ATV tour, and a few
other activities.

Elephants where an important part of Thai culture and Thai way of life. Elephants in
Thailand have always been a symbol of both power and peace. They have performed
the most exacting physical tasks, and they have always been well loved. Thailand
Elephants played an important role both in warfare and later an important part of the
logging industry. Logging was banned in Thailand in 1989 and since then the only
need for these domesticated elephants has been in the tourism industry.

Today there are a couple of hundred elephants living on Phuket and Phang Nga
working in tourism. Although it would be much better if elephants were able to roam
wild this is simply not possible in modern Thailand. Elephant trekking helps keep
these animals employed, feed , cared for and out of the cities.

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